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I volunteered at a TEDx event and it was pretty cool

For annoying millennial types like me, one events brand stands out from the rest. Launched in 1984, TED began life as a yearly conference in North America, drawing delegates from Silicon Valley and global academia for a series of speeches. Such was its distinctive identity and compelling mode of delivery, TED grew in popularity, becoming a powerful media outlet in its own right.

Fit for the digital age, TED Talks were filmed and distributed for free online, amassing billions of YouTube views and countless social media impressions. The criteria for a talk topic, much like a TED speaker, is effectively boundless, creating a virtual library of exceptional content that can be of tremendous value.

In essence, TED is to verbal education what Wikipedia is to written information. No matter what you are interested in, and regardless of the passions you pursue, there is likely a TED Talk stored somewhere online, waiting to have a transformative effect on your life, outlook and career.

I, for one, have spent days of my life totally absorbed in this remarkable archive. Accordingly, when an opportunity arose to become involved with TEDx, a chain of independently organised events under the global brand, I was immediately interested. Along with my girlfriend, Patrycja, I volunteered as an Events Assistant at TEDx Liverpool. The experience was pretty cool.

Patrycja has volunteered for TED before. As a qualified translator, she translated subtitles for TED videos from English to Polish, adding unique experience to her career. I'm incredibly proud of Patrycja's achievements in this space, so to get involved myself with TEDx Liverpool was very rewarding.

Attended by more than 600 people, the event was busy and exciting. I welcomed all - or at least most - of those guests as a frontline usher, acting as the first smiley face anybody saw upon arrival at the ACC Centre. Having such responsibility was great, and I really enjoyed mingling with guests and kickstarting their day with positive enthusiasm.

During quieter periods, we were fortunate to watch some of the talks, given by influential people such as Peter Moore, the CEO of Liverpool FC, and Frank Cottrell-Boyce, one of the most successful authors in modern British history. We even got to meet these stars in the green room, and they were very courteous with their time.

If you enjoy TED Talks online, or if the chance to participate at a TEDx event presents itself, I would definitely recommend getting involved. Some of the stories we heard were very inspirational, and the whole experience put a smile on my face. One day, I would like to deliver my own TED Talk. Such an ambition may seem fanciful, but the importance of aiming high can never be underestimated.


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