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Planet Prentonia announces retail collaboration with Lux et Robur

In recent years, an independent retail brand has taken the Prenton Park terraces by storm. Taking its name from Tranmere's latin motto, Lux et Robur has become a staple of the Rovers fashion scene and counterculture.

Designing unique t-shirts, hoodies, hats and other garb, founder Brad has his finger on the pulse of Prentonia. His merchandise stands as a genuine alternative to the official replica strand, adding impressive creativity to an ever-expanding market.

On matchdays around the country, seeing the sea of Lux shirts inspired me to dust off Planet Prentonia and begin creating in the Tranmere Rovers space again. There was an unmistakably kinship between the two brands. We were cut from the same cloth, if you will excuse the pun.

After relaunching my blog and publishing a book under the Planet Prentonia name, I was keen to meet Brad and discuss potential collaborations. Our chats have been really enjoyable, likeminded Tranmere supporters keen to explore ways of enriching the fan culture surrounding our club.

The result of those conversations and brainstorming sessions is now live for all to see. I'm delighted to announce a collaboration between Planet Prentonia and Lux et Robur, starting with a few t-shirts and a very snazzy tote bag for everyone sick of looking like Roy Cropper on their way to Lidl.



I'm blown away by the quality of merchandise produced by Lux, and it is a privilege to partner with them on this project, hopefully the first of many. I have a load of ideas for further products that we hope to develop, so watch this space.

For me, adding shirts and other products to the site is a way of sustainably hosting all written content on a quality platform that doesn't bog down the reader with adverts and dodgy popups. Such a vision has always lurked at the back of my mind: attempting to generate ideas to make blogs - inclusive of custom domains, hosting, software, equipment, apps and other expenses - pay for themselves. I never could have brought that vision to life without Lux et Robur, to whom I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity.

So, without further ado, take a look at the Planet Prentonia shop, have a dig through our products, and treat yourself to something special this bank holiday weekend. You get great independent merch; we get a little help towards the running, maintenance and growth of passionate Tranmere Rovers projects.

Happy shopping, folks. See you again soon.


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