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Podcast appearance #7: The British Baseball Podcast

I recently joined Matt Mutton on The British Baseball Podcast, his weekly show dedicated to growing that sport across the UK. Matt typically interviews players, historians, writers, coaches and key influencers in the British baseball community, and it was a thrill to join him to discuss my love for the game.

Our main talking point was my new book - Conflict: The Yankees, the Red Sox and the War for My Heart - which chronicles my life as a baseball fan in England over a 16-year period. We spoke about our baseball origin stories and how we follow the game from afar, sharing memories and defining hopes.

Matt and I approach baseball from a similar perspective, adoring the game for its inclusive nature and its leisurely pace. We have both volunteered time to local clubs and baseball federations, adding to the patchwork quilt of British baseball. It was fun to unearth some colourful stories in that respect.

In this episode, I also broached my battles with mental ill health, explaining how baseball has been a source of therapy for depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Matt echoed many of my thoughts and feelings about the cathartic nature of baseball's family vibe, and we even squeezed in a few jokes about our disparate love for Tranmere Rovers and Bolton Wanderers.

You can listen to the full episode here. Please have a listen if you have a spare hour. Also follow Matt's work across social media, where he does incredible work to build the British baseball community.


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