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Podcast appearance #15: Optimal Living Daily

I'm an avid podcast listener, and Optimal Living Daily ranks among my favourite shows. Every day for almost six years, Justin Malik and associates have narrated best-in-class blogs, articles and book excerpts focused on minimalism, personal development, productivity and self-help.

Their work represents a small but impactful daily hit of analysis and reflection, providing actionable advice on how to structure and coordinate a meaningful life. I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast and digging through the extensive archives.

I recently sent my portfolio to OLD, granting them permission to read my articles wherever they see value for their audience. I never thought they would get back to me, in all honesty, so it was thrilling to see my work crop up in their episode flow last weekend.

Justin plucked out an article I published in January 2020 - Why schedules and routines are bad for my mental health - and narrated it, in full, over two podcast episodes. I'm incredibly grateful for the support of OLD, and I hope people enjoy listening to my thoughts.

You can find the two podcast episodes wherever you get your podcasts, with the links also included below:


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