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Podcast appearance #5: Reading the Game

I recently had the pleasure of joining Steve Klein and Philip Stone on Reading the Game, their niche podcast about baseball books, to discuss my new release, Conflict: The Yankees, the Red Sox and the War for My Heart.

Steve and Philip first created their show as a virtual baseball book club with a particular focus on the British audience. Avid Giants and Red Sox fans, respectively, the hosts live in the UK, and they belong to the same loyal cohort of baseball diehards as me.

As a voracious reader of baseball literature, I have enjoyed Reading the Game since its earliest days. Therefore, to get an opportunity to appear on the podcast and discuss my own baseball work was a major thrill. I would like to thank Steve and Philip for their time, effort and support. It means a lot.

You can listen to the full 36-minute episode here, gaining a more nuanced appreciation of my second published book. Our wide-ranging conversation covered many topics, from the changing essence of sporting fandom and the difficulty of following baseball from Britain through to the game's difficult relationship with racism and domestic violence.

Conflict pulls no punches, and it is admittedly controversial in parts. Reading the Game addresses most of those concerns, and I would be really grateful if you saw fit to have a listen.



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