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Podcast appearance #6: The Empire Strikes Back

I recently had a chance to join Kevin Rooney and Mark Blakemore on The Empire Strikes Back, their podcast covering the New York Yankees from a British perspective.

Loyal servants of the UK baseball community, Kevin and Mark have supported my work for a number of years, and our friendship has grown mainly via social media. We finally managed to meet in person at the MLB London Series last year, and a few stories from that wonderful weekend were discussed during my podcast appearance.

I have great respect for Kevin and Mark, who have done a lot of unheralded work in the background over the years to grease the wheels of progress within British baseball. From launching forums and plugging away with podcasts to bringing people together and promoting their projects, these guys deserve immense praise for their unwavering commitment and dedication.

I really enjoyed chatting baseball with Kevin and Mark, especially reminiscing about the old Baseball on Five show here in the UK. We also delved into my new book - Conflict: The Yankees, the Red Sox and the War for My Heart - and discussed the changing essence of sporting fandom.

The guys have kindly offered to let me become more involved with their Yankees show moving forward, and I'm excited to talk baseball with them on a more regular basis. The social side of podcasting is something I derive terrific pleasure from, and I would like to thank the guys for their warm welcome.

You can listen to Episode 34 of The Empire Strikes Back below. Please take some time to subscribe, rate and review the podcast. It deserves to reach far more people, who will doubtlessly enjoy the personable nature of debate curated by such knowledgeable hosts.

Listen to "TESBUK 34 - UK New York Yankees Podcast With Special Guest Ryan Ferguson" on Spreaker.


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