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I discussed Planet Prentonia and mental health on BBC Radio Merseyside

The latest in a flurry of radio appearances, my interview with Sean Styles was transmitted this morning on BBC Radio Merseyside.

A veteran of the local radio scene, Sean has been the voice of mid-morning in Liverpool and surrounding areas for many years. It was a privilege to step inside his studio and discuss Planet Prentonia, my newly released book about Tranmere Rovers.

Sean was very welcoming and supportive, asking poignant questions about my journey and creative process. As with recent segments on Radio City Talk, I explained my struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression, leading to suicidal spells in 2018. I also spoke about The Mind Map, a start-up aiming to navigate people to better mental health through a wide range of means.

As a kid, I often listened to BBC Radio Merseyside for its Tranmere coverage. Although commentator Derek Jones made every passage of play sound like it occurred in Rovers’ penalty area, the station carried live coverage of most matches. My family didn’t have a car nor the disposable income to travel extensively around the country, so the radio was a great resource that enabled me to follow Tranmere as they were inevitably thumped away to Peterborough.

I also fondly remember Rover Time, a weekly show airing on a Friday night during the season. Carrying interviews with key personnel and featuring a studio guest, Rover Time recapped previous games and look ahead to the forthcoming weekend. I’m not entirely sure what happened to the show, but it was a staple of my childhood and it should never be forgotten.

Accordingly, getting a chance to step inside BBC Radio Merseyside and share my views on Tranmere Rovers was a real thrill. Planet Prentonia was founded in frustration at the mainstream disregard for our special football club. Together, as a fanbase and a community, we have now managed to take that story, that movement and that brand right to the mainstream. Planet Prentonia has become a respected outlet in its own right, and I’m incredibly proud of that progress.

Thanks to everyone at BBC Radio Merseyside and The Mind Map for making this happen. I can only hope to make more radio appearances like this in the future. 


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