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I made my debut on Radio City Talk analysing Tranmere Rovers

One day early in our relationship, Patrycja, my girlfriend, pointed towards the defining beacon scraping the sky above Liverpool. 

"I went up there once," she told me proudly. "It's amazing. There's a radio station and everything!"

We looked at each other and laughed, noticing the innocent mistake.

"Yes, darling," I replied in mock astonishment. "That's why it's called the Radio City Tower!"

Of course, Patrycja knew all about the tower, its radio station and the history surrounding both. Radio City 96.7 is one of the most famous stations in Britain, and its home has become a tourist destination of impressive renown.

This week, I had an opportunity to step inside the tower and travel to the second floor, where a viewing deck offers panoramic vistas across Merseyside, North Wales and beyond. I also got the chance to record in the famous studios, appearing with Matt Jones on Talking Tranmere alongside former Rovers striker Alex Hay.

This is a very proud moment for me, being asked to share my opinions on the club I have so passionately covered from an early age. I would like to thank Matt for taking a chance and inviting me on his show. I'm also incredibly grateful to Alex, an experienced radio pundit who helped me through a few awkward silences. Your support means a lot, guys. Thank you.

Tonight, our show was transmitted on Radio City Talk, a sister station of the iconic 96.7. You can listen below.

In closing, I would just like to say that I did it, Squishy. I finally made it up the tower.

There's a radio station and everything. 

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