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I shared my mental health journey with Mick Coyle on Radio City Talk

In the fight for mental health equality and education, the voice of radio broadcaster Mick Coyle looms proud on the airwaves.

Mind gave Coyle a gong for Best Radio Programme in 2018, while his Mental Health Monday segment on Radio City Talk led to a Bauer Gold Award earlier this year.

While I was up the famous tower last week, guesting on Matt Jones’ Tranmere Rovers show, Mick also offered me the chance to share my mental health journey on his programme.

I thoroughly enjoyed our chat, which was fulfilling and informative. Mick is a brilliant host with a wealth of skills, and merely sharing a studio with him was a genuine thrill. I felt comfortable in front of the microphone, and this appearance really burnished my passion for radio. I hope to create more in that space moving forward.

With support from Mick, I shared details of my battles with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.

For the first time, I also revealed my fleeting encounters with suicidal ideation, explaining the invaluable work of Papyrus in preventing young deaths.

Together, we explored the misconceptions of OCD; the stigma surrounding mental ill health; and the role of football, writing and music in my recovery.

I also opened up about my experiences of antidepressant medication - namely sertraline and fluoxetine - and cognitive behavioural therapy.

We explored the positive connotations of OCD and delved inside my creative process, culminating in a discussion about Planet Prentonia, my newly released book about Tranmere.

I was keen to share a message that, no matter how hopeless your present situation may seem, there is always a route to recovery. Even if my thoughts, opinions and recommendations help just one person get the help they need, this radio appearance will have been worthwhile.

I would like to thank Mick, his team and everyone at Radio City Talk for the opportunity.

You can listen to Mental Health Monday below.

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