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Effective copywriting, or a lack thereof, can make or break marketing campaigns. No matter how captivating your corporate film is, and regardless of how recognisable your company logo becomes, raising brand awareness requires a great copywriter.

Without the skills of a proven copywriting expert, your content marketing efforts can fizzle out, frustrating website visitors rather than encouraging engagement with a buried call to action.

While other formats complement your marketing strategy, creative copywriting is the one constant thread of successful lead generation, business development and conversion rate optimisation.

Without a specialist copywriter, your brand messaging will remain a figment of imagination, stifling business identity and declining huge opportunities.

What is copywriting?

If you are a busy director or company owner, copywriting can often seem unimportant, a meaningless afterthought that contributes very little to your core fee-earning operation. However, seeing copywriting as a luxury complement to your business is incorrect in the modern landscape. Copywriting drives success, through storytelling and engagement, rather than merely describing success after the fact with arrogance and self-congratulation.

In pure terms, copywriting is the act of writing text for advertisements, reports and publicity materials. Copywriters provide written content in a variety of formats, including slogans, straplines, blogs, web pages, manuals and descriptions. Strong copy is essential in a wide range of marketing collateral, from brochures and flyers through to advertisements and digital billboards.

Copywriting is the foremost vehicle of brand voice, which plays a pivotal role in convincing website visitors to take action and become paying customers. In a competitive, globalised market, creating positive difference between similar choices is crucial to making profit. Your company needs a unique selling point, but it also needs to communicate that hook effectively. A good copywriter will achieve that objective seamlessly.

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

It can be tempting to lump content writing and copywriting together as one generic discipline. It all involves writing, stupid!

However, there is a subtle but important difference between copywriting and content writing that is often overlooked. Companies that do appreciate the difference and commit resources to each nuanced discipline tend to achieve the best results.

Copywriting is centred entirely on a business, cause or individual. It is a promotional tool tethered to specific objectives, often to drive sales through enticement. Copywriting articulates the conscience, philosophy and uniqueness of a company, project or person. It is a lead generation magnet, drawing people in and making them aware of your existence.

Content writing, by contrast, is more concerned with building trust and likeability among readers, often on a subconscious level, using external topics as portals through which to inspire emotional reactions that are relevant to a company’s area of business.

For example, an asbestos removal firm may use bold copywriting to promote their services, hooking readers, before progressing them through a sales funnel using content marketing techniques.

In this regard, the dangers of asbestos may be a great topic for such content writing efforts, taking a standalone subject and broadcasting it in such a way that motivates action from a reader. That action meshes with the firm’s service offering, creating an effective content marketing pipeline.

Why is copywriting a specialist job?

Some companies acknowledge the value of copywriting and content writing but lack the resources to do much about it. Often, businesses will hire one or two word people, perhaps stretching to a handful in larger organisations, and expect them to manage a broad range of writing tasks, from blogging and ghostwriting to newsletters, press releases and beyond.

Such a wild approach is unfair to the writer, who may struggle to keep up with mounting workloads across disciplines. It is also inefficient for the company, which will lose productivity through mismanagement of skill. Just because an IT analyst knows how to use computers, that does not mean they will be good at designing websites. Likewise, just because a writer can craft a great SEO landing page, that does not guarantee excellent print copywriting to tight deadlines.

Copywriting is a specialist skill, akin to a unique trade in its own right. You would not task a HR staffer with writing a brochure as a side project, complementing their daily role when time permits, so why would you do that with marketing employees or social media managers?

There is a certain amount of crossover, but copywriting is not interchangeable with wider creative disciplines. Simply googling copywriting tips will not lead to success. You need an experienced copywriter who understands the profession innately.

Why you should explore paid copywriting opportunities

Many companies shoehorn copywriting into the job description of all-rounders, while other firms rely on voluntary blog writing and unpaid 1,000-word articles to fuel their inbound marketing engine. The rise in websites monetising traffic from free content is very worrying. I have experienced the problem myself, and it can lead to widespread disillusionment.

Journalism, copywriting and blogging rank among the most competitive jobs in the modern market. They can be exciting and rewarding, allowing people to fulfil their creative potential. However, breaking into the professional writing sphere can be difficult, especially using more traditional routes such as newspapers and press agencies.

The advent of Google Ads and affiliate marketing schemes created a loophole ripe for exploitation. It became easy for somebody to start a blog – about football, for example – and assemble an army of unpaid writers seeking to reach larger audiences and develop their fledging portfolios.

Website owners sell the dream, mentioning buzzwords like exposure and experience while promising to share revenues as the outlet expands. Of course, that rarely happens, creating an endless cycle of unfair gain from unpaid labour. Most young writers are familiar with this struggle, and it only leads to substandard work devoid of meaning.

When asking somebody to produce ad copy or write a white paper, you do not merely pay for the end result. You pay for the years of hard work and belief they have invested to acquire the skills and experience needed to make that project special. It might only take two hours to write a web page, depending on the copy length, but delivering that piece to a difference-making standard often requires decades of education and practice. That commitment should always be rewarded.

Next time you consider new marketing materials, do not just delegate to an existing employee who is already overloaded with responsibilities. Likewise, do not engage an apprentice to write for free, because that is ineffective for all involved. You would not provide your expertise without charge, so do not expect copywriters to do so. Great copywriting costs money, and we should never be ashamed to broach that topic with refreshing honesty.

How great copywriting inspires business growth

In 2019, content marketing became a $300 billion industry. Studies show that content marketing is more than 60% cheaper than traditional marketing while generating three times as many leads. That is why you need to take copywriting seriously. That is why you need a quality copywriter, either in-house or freelance. And that is why some companies are getting ahead while others tread water.

Business is about making profit - pure and simple. Making profit relies on persuasion and reliability. Writing to persuade and gain trust requires a mastery of voice, clarity of message and appreciation of human emotion. Language is the vehicle of such attributes, making copywriting techniques some of the most efficient business-building tools in your arsenal.

If you can communicate with a reader, subscriber, customer, visitor or prospect in a language they understand, half the battle is won. If you can then inspire confidence and engender interest among those stakeholders, copywriting can quickly become one of the key pillars of your business development operation.

In a world of constant noise and diminishing difference, standing out is becoming harder. Promotional copywriting can articulate your unique selling points like few other mediums. With strong attention to detail, a great copywriter will not only improve your click-through rate. They will help you convert and retain loyal customers, generating passive income with exquisite slogan writing, enticing headline writing and killer product descriptions.

What copywriting services do I offer?

With extensive cross-sector, multi-industry experience, I provide a large array of copywriting services for sole traders, small businesses and international companies alike. My copywriting expertise includes:

Creative copywriting services

  • Slogans, straplines and hooks
  • Unique selling point articulation
  • Ghostwriting and blogging

Digital copywriting services

  • E-shots, newsletters and updates
  • Email wording and proofreading
  • Website population and content marketing contributions

Print copywriting services

  • Brochures, leaflets and flyers
  • Direct mail copywriting
  • Newspaper and magazine copy

Advertising copywriting

  • Print ad copy
  • Digital billboards
  • Commercial script writing

Marketing copywriting services

  • Adverts, sponsorships and campaigns
  • Brand awareness, voice and identity
  • Taglines, campaign titles and branded hashtags

SEO copywriting services

  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Website content

Website copywriting services

  • Website pre-population
  • FAQ sections
  • Regular blogging and content updates

Paid media copywriting services

  • Writing to persuade
  • Copy for adverts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Social media bio writing

Technical copywriting services

  • Asbestos copywriting
  • Medicinal cannabis copywriting
  • Mental health copywriting

Product description copywriting services

  • SEO for product descriptions
  • Social media promotion of products and services
  • Product launch copywriting

My copywriting experience

My work has been published by The Guardian, BBC Sport, Liverpool Echo, Montreal Gazette, FanSided, These Football Times and many other outlets. I have also been featured by and The New York Post.

I have a vast array of copywriting experience, delivering targeted content campaigns for many organisations, including:

  • Professional football clubs
  • Environmental agencies
  • Asbestos removal firms
  • Digital enterprises
  • International law firms
  • Charity organisations
  • Political parties
  • Drug and alcohol rehab centres
  • Independent retail brands

Between 2011 and 2015, I was a voluntary Media Assistant at Tranmere Rovers, helping to write and produce an award-winning matchday programme sold at Prenton Park.

In 2018, I also wrote an inspiring introduction to the club’s official season ticket sales brochure, contributing to the best sales figures in 12 years.

I have also gained work experience within a local Liberal Democrat press office, writing copy for brochures, flyers and councillor presentations.

Why you should hire me for copywriting success

I love writing. It is something I do in my spare time, regardless of payment, for pure enjoyment. That passion manifests itself in high quality content brimming with joy, optimism and excitement. Copywriting may be a chore for most people, but for me it is a pleasure.

Similarly, copywriting is often the last part of a marketing campaign to be considered, organised and delivered. However, it is arguably the most important aspect of any project, because language is the vehicle that enables you to reach new clients and entice them to trust your brand.

If you have developed a great corporate film, podcast series or video campaign, it can fizzle out shortly after launch if the associated brand messaging lacks clarity or emotion. For many companies, I act as a bridge from finished product to successful launch, describing their efforts in great detail. Sometimes, you just need a natural writer to act as a catalyst for marketing success. I can be that catalyst for you.

While gifted with my own discernible voice and vocabulary, I understand the importance of adopting different house styles when copywriting on a freelance our outsourced basis. I have a distinct awareness of diverse company cultures and market perceptions, working that commercial acumen into my work.

By the same token, my copywriting is innovative, inclusive and fit for a progressive age. Political awareness is of paramount concern for copywriters, as is corporate social responsibility. My elite corporate experience helps in this regard, furnishing me with a nuanced appreciation of journalistic ethics and integrity.

As an expert bid writer and journalist, I have worked to tight deadlines throughout my career. I’m able to manage competing interests and prioritise pressing elements of various projects, thriving in fast-paced, commercial environments. Deadlines do not faze me. They actually inspire me to work harder, faster and more intelligently.

Born and raised on a Wirral council estate, I have a wide array of experience across many different markets. As a working class lad who has worked for some of the most prestigious organisations in the world, my duality of experience is a genuinely unique proposition in the copywriting space.

I firmly believe that my copywriting services represent the best value for money anywhere in the industry today. Loving what I do enables me to offer hugely discounted rates, because I see copywriting as a passion first and foremost. I do not seek to profit excessively from my skill, but merely to cover costs while revolutionising your copywriting approach.


  • “Ryan is an exceptional writer who consistently produced interesting articles on a regular basis for us. He is reliable and always met any deadlines we set for him. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for copywriting services.” – Paul Harper, former Communications Officer, Tranmere Rovers Football Club.

  • “Ryan has a unique writing ability and has produced blogs and articles on specialisms such as medicinal cannabis. He has been built excellent relationships with fee earners and has a great understanding of the culture of the firm.” - Donna Lucy, former Senior Business Development Manager, Hill Dickinson LLP


From my home office in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, I work with clients across Merseyside and the North West, travelling to meetings whenever needed to provide a quality service.

Born and raised in Wirral, I have a strong knowledge of the local market, supporting the copywriting needs of businesses in Birkenhead, Wallasey, West Kirby, New Brighton, Hoylake and beyond.

I have a large professional network that extends across Chester, Ellesmere Port and North Wales. My copywriting skills are also used by companies in Manchester, Lancashire and surrounding areas.

The nature of copywriting allows me to work wherever there is a reliable internet connection. As such, I have done plenty of copywriting work for North American clients, including organisations in New York, Boston and Montreal.

There is no geographical limit to my copywriting services. If you need any writing support, no matter how small or large, get in touch and I will make it work logistically.

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  • CRO

Let’s discuss your needs

If you are looking for copywriting services, on a freelance or outsourced basis, I’m always keen to develop new working relationships. Copywriting is one of my favourite subjects, and I thrive when asked for specialist advice by businesses and sole traders alike. If you would like to learn more about how copywriting can improve your project, please drop me a line. Let’s grab a coffee and plan your strategy for long-term copywriting success.

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