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Hill Dickinson LLP

A commercial law firm with offices in England, Greece, Hong Kong, Singapore, Monaco and beyond, Hill Dickinson has annual revenues exceeding £95 million.

The company employs more than 800 people globally, placing its impressive headquarters in Liverpool city centre.

Bid Manager
April 2020-present

After proving myself as a Bids Executive, leading on a portfolio of bids and proposals, I was promoted to Bid Manager, becoming the youngest manager in the entire company.

Bids Executive
March 2019-March 2020

My tendering expertise was appreciated by Hill Dickinson, who hired me as a Bids Executive.

Working within the Business Development and Marketing Department, I manage my own caseload of bids across various company sectors while assisting more widely in the preparation of branded marketing literature.

I have won contracts totalling 4 years and £750,000 in value, including a lucrative deal with an oil company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This represented huge progress in my career, as I stepped into a large global operation, thriving in a highly-competitive environment.

I rebuilt the firm's bid library architecture, collating more than 1,000 folders into a more intuitive program, automating elements of bid research to deliver efficiencies. This led to a larger project that saw me establish a wider Content Management System for interdepartmental use through the firm's intranet.

Subsequently, I have also constructed a transparent bid pipeline, allowing Hill Dickinson to track all past and future procurement opportunities with cohesive data on performance, evaluation feedback and resource allocation.

My writing abilities have been appreciated by senior partners, who have enlisted my expertise in ghostwriting blogs, speeches and news articles.

North Star Environmental Ltd

A UKAS accredited environmental consultancy performing asbestos surveys, air monitoring and laboratory analysis, North Star has annual revenues exceeding £2.4 million.

The company employs more than 30 people, with headquarters in Cheshire and a satellite office in Belfast.

Commercial Director

June 2018-February 2019

My selfless reliability and proven excellence were rewarded with promotion to an executive Commercial Director position, in which I held overall accountability for the company's commercial philosophy, growth and direction. This involved management of resources; delegation of duties; monitoring of budgets; and general spearheading of future operations.

In this position, I continued to oversee the bid writing department, winning contracts totalling 16 years and £1.2 million in value.

I also managed a 4.4% year-on-year growth in commercial sales between 2017-2018, transforming North Star into a proven force within its industry.

I was solely responsible for establishing the company’s first Human Resources department, liaising with external consultants to create uniformity with regard to staff contracts. I also implemented an Employee Assistance Programme, granting all staff members free access to confidential counselling, advice and support services for issues such as stress, debt and bereavements. This has significantly improved the company culture.

Commercial Manager
June 2017-June 2018

After demonstrating tangible proficiency, I was promoted to Commercial Manager, assuming overall responsibility for the bid writing department and generally driving NSE into new markets.

I played an integral role in the company’s expansion to Northern Ireland, leading the search for a suitable Regional Manager and coordinating the establishment of a satellite office.

I continued to spearhead growth within the company's fledging bids department, gaining overall control of this process. While I was Commercial Manager, the company won contracts totalling 36 years and £3.5 million in value.

Media Manager
February 2017-June 2017

Following a successful journalism career, I was headhunted by the company owner to serve as permanent Media Manager, overseeing all press operations and elements of brand marketing.

I designed and delivered a new website and social media channels to timescale and budget, stimulating business through effective advertising and public relations campaigns. This included a full corporate film exploring all aspects of the company.

My writing skills were also utilised in the tendering process to win new contracts for the company. I became a key bid writer, gaining final editing duties prior to submission. I was directly involved in winning a lucrative contract worth £143,000 over 4 years.

For more information on my corporate career, please connect via LinkedIn.

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