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Mission statement

My mission is to share unorthodox stories that further free speech, enhance education and challenge misconceptions. I yearn to give voice to the voiceless while supporting the democratisation of creativity.

A new media landscape

I'm trying to create a new media landscape where content from the heart wins over content optimised purely for monetisation. Nowadays, writing has sadly become an exercise in attaining clicks rather than conveying human emotion, but I see the world a little differently, and I want you to enjoy the benefit of my vision.

Writing is no longer my full-time profession, but it remains my outlet to a healthy mind and fulfilled ambition. I produce quality blogs, articles, books and podcast episodes about real subjects, with real emotion, to actually provide value rather than simply hunting ad dollars or influencer agreements.

Accordingly, operating is a hobby, a calling and a form of emotional escapism. Indeed, even though this website uses infrastructure from Shopify, it should not be considered an ecommerce store, nor the intellectual property of a for-profit entity. Rather, it is a blog or a news outlet, because use of the Shopify platform does not, in and of itself, constitute or suggest commercial trading.

Independent expression

I’m fully independent, and my work is not beholden to censure from conflicted third parties. Unlike many modern bloggers, I do not reverse-engineer the creative process, starting with a dollar sign and working backwards, finding fake news to masquerade as clickbait. On the contrary, I pursue the projects from which other journalists shy away, mining unconventional spaces for quirky, forgotten, untold and hard-hitting stories.

As such, no attempt is made to influence, promote, condone or suggest agreement with any specific organisation(s), person(s), political parties or cultural movements. Users of this website should not be swayed by the views expressed herein, and any suggestion of inciting or encouraging criminal or harmful behaviour is denied. Works are published and promoted through this platform in the name of free expression and/or to advance understanding of subject matter in the public interest. By using this website, you agree to my terms of service and all accompanying policies.

Moreover, as described in my copyright charter, I make nominative fair use of trademarked titles, terms and slogans where necessary to report, criticise, educate, research or parody said items for communal benefit. No attempt is made, nor intention kept, to exploit trademarked brands by including them in content. Likewise, all reporting is true at the point of publication or otherwise earmarked as opinion, negating the viability of disputes related to libel or defamation.

Writing as an art form

My work is best categorised as authentic, impartial and critical journalism hallmarked by fearless analysis, academic critique and meticulous research. I do not view writing as a conduit to fame or profit. If people enjoy my work, and if they see fit to purchase the books I publish or send me a tip, that is a happy coincidence. I therefore make minimal use of optional email marketing while refraining from subliminal coercion through big data - a trend that currently blights the creative field.  To that end, please consult my privacy policy for further details on how your data is processed, stored and used when browsing

Challenging cancel culture

We now live in a world where the utility and pleasure of an entire book can be cancelled from the historic realm by virtue of one single sentence that conveys a confused, unfinished or raw opinion. As authors, we are increasingly forced to write in a manner that will not cause offence to readers who are becoming more robotic in their ability to scan a page of text and identify all of its perceived inaccuracies. At the moment, we must sculpt our writing to match its epoch, rather than allowing the epoch to be defined by what we write. That is the very antithesis of creative expression and journalistic inquiry. That is a sanitisation of self drenched in hypocrisy.

Free speech is the grist of human progress. It sparks debate and it encourages discussion. It thaws pernicious worldviews by exposing them to heat. And it shines a light on true injustice by allowing people to challenge it in a constructive manner.

By contrast, cancel culture is a subversion of true disenfranchisement. It trivialises hardship and it suffocates passion. It dulls our message by channelling it through juvenile projects. It dilutes the progressive tradition – founded on iconoclastic thinking and progressed through tangible action – into gifs, memes and sarcastic tweets. We have to be better than that, and we have to come out of the basement. My work is grounded in that spirit.

An ecosystem of ideas

Ultimately, I strive to create a legacy that will outlast my physical contribution to the world. I want to create something – or many things – by which people can remember me once I’m gone. This website is central to that mission, and I want it to serve as an ecosystem of my ideas long into the future.

I want people to stumble upon my work while researching a topic that interests them; learn something new from my exploration; enjoy my writing style; and take those pearls of wisdom out into the community, sharing them with others in a bright future that prizes respectful debate.

We will never agree on absolutely everything, but such is the beauty of life, and such is the lifeblood of democracy. I hope you will join me on this journey, because together we can reclaim the neutrality of common sense while removing debilitating bitterness from our sphere.

Approved by: Ryan Ferguson

Last reviewed: 28 April 2022

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