I would like to introduce Nathan - my brother, my confidant, my role model.

The clever one. The handsome one. The cool and stylish and unflustered one.

The one who remembers things without having to write them down. The one who may reach his twenties with a full head of hair. The one who doesn't overthink even the smallest daily events.

Nath is one of the most naturally gifted, precociously talented prospects I've encountered in the business landscape. Yes, I'm his brother, and thus naturally biased. But I was also his Commercial Director during a summer work placement scheme in 2018, and seeing him operate so calmly and efficiently was fantastic.

A phenomenal student, Nath has 11 GCSEs - including 7A and 2B - and a raft of quality A Levels and BTEC qualifications.

He is currently studying International Business with a Year in Industry at the University of Liverpool, 2018-2022.

Nath is always keen to hear about new voluntary and work placement opportunities. You can view his full LinkedIn profile here.