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I'm trying to create a new media landscape where content from the heart wins over content optimised purely for search engines. 

Nowadays, writing has sadly become an exercise in attaining clicks rather than conveying human emotion. But I see the world a little differently, and I want you to enjoy the benefit of my vision.

Writing is my greatest passion. It's all I have ever wanted to do for a career. My work has been published by the Guardian, BBC Sport, Liverpool Echo and Montreal Gazette, among others, reaching a social media audience of 15 million. 

I have been featured by and profiled by the New York Post, adding tremendous diversity to my journalism portfolio.

Due to a career change, writing is no longer my profession, but it remains my outlet to a healthy mind and fulfilled ambition. I produce quality blogs, articles and books about real subjects, with real emotion, to actually provide value rather than simply hunting ad dollars or influencer agreements.

Through Patreon, a leading crowfunding platform, I hope to stimulate some support that will develop a community for my work and assist in covering associated fees such as web hosting, domain registration, equipment renewal and intellectual property maintenance.

Throughout my career, I have developed popular media brands such as Planet Prentonia. If you enjoy those projects, or indeed any of my work, please consider becoming a Patron to assisting in my growth as a writer and professional.

There are many different tiers to choose from, so don't feel obliged to make too great a financial commitment. Every little helps, and I thank you merely for taking the time to consider supporting my work.

More information is available in my mission statement.

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