LATEST BLOG: 25 times Tranmere have made Bolton fume


In October 2018, I met a beautiful girl named Patrycja Mitera, from the quaint Polish city of Tarnów.

A highly-educated professional, Patrycja chose Birkenhead - of all places - as the destination for her work placement as part of the Erasmus student exchange programme. 

That such a talented, ambitious and strong superstar should arrive on the Wirral, my home peninsula, is a wonderful quirk of fate for which I'm eternally thankful. When all hope seemed lost, I found my soulmate, and we have never looked back.

Patrycja has developed a fantastic career in law, serving as a trusted assistant with 2020 Legal and Pure Legal. She has several academic achievements of incredible renown, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in English and recently seeing her dissertation on Scouse published by the University of Tarnów.

'Patty' speaks four different languages and has elite experience as a translator, working for large institutions such as TEDTalks.

You can view Patrycja's full LinkedIn profile here, and access her collection of services and products here.


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