Corporate Film, North Star Environmental

While rebranding the company to make it more conducive with the digital age, I conceived of the idea to create a full corporate film.

I developed the core concept; wrote the script; managed external videographers and voiceover artists; and even starred briefly in the finished video!

See if you can spot me.

Company Website, North Star Environmental

My first task at North Star Environmental was to conceptualise, design, build, deliver, promote and manage a new company website. The company's existing digital footprint was very small and outdated

I effectively managed external graphic design and back-end development firms to create a fully-functional, modern website that was used to underpin digital marketing campaigns and generate business.

I wrote all of the website content from scratch, using my expertise in SEO to enrich the company's ranking organically.

Take a look at the full website here, with a snippet available below:


Below, you will find a non-exhaustive selection of tweets promoting my professional media work.