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When people think about SEO, they can often feel overwhelmed. Another business development acronym to decipher. Another marketing tool to worry about. Do I really need SEO? Where do I start when separating algorithms from SSL certificates and HTML from JavaScript?

All too often, SEO can seem like a headache that is not worth the time or effort. When managing busy companies, especially small businesses, defining an SEO strategy is not always a top priority. Blogging regularly to increase website traffic falls down the pecking order as clients demand quality service. Likewise, maintaining quality sitemaps often defers to more urgent needs.

SEO can sometimes fall off the radar, but allowing it to do so is a terrible mistake. Search marketing is one of the most stable, reliable and rewarding forms of brand promotion, and the return on investment can be massive. Every second, Google processes more than 60,000 searches from around the globe, while over 70% of consumers visit a store within five miles after searching locally for a specific service or product.

By neglecting SEO, you effectively opt-out of the largest marketplace in the world. We are obsessed with the concept of passive income, attempting to generate revenue with minimal recurring effort, but technical SEO is frequently disparaged as too complicated or overly time-consuming. Modern capitalism thrives on instant gratification and real-time results, whereas SEO requires long-term vision and tones of patience.

However, by making that commitment to inbound marketing and seeking to convert website visitors to paying customers through content, you essentially buy a lottery ticket. There are 5.6 billion Google searches per day, and you need to be in that prize draw. With an optimised website structure and the implementation of proven SEO techniques, you can even increase your chances of landing the ultimate victory.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is the processes of maximising website visitors by ensuring said website ranks high on the list of results returned by a search engine for a particular query. There are various SEO tools and techniques to achieve higher Google search rankings, and a whole industry has been built around this intriguing discipline.

Hiring an SEO expert is now a top priority for many businesses, regardless of size, as the value of search traffic continues to grow. More people search Google every day than use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined. That makes SEO a remarkably powerful tool of engagement, commerce and growth. It also earmarks SEO as one of the most undervalued aspects of strong business development.

What does SERP mean?

Another frightening buzzword in the SEO space, SERP stands for search engine results pages. You know, the white page with blue links Google spits at you after searching for great SEO content writers in Merseyside named Ryan?

There are more than 4 billion pages on the internet, but none are more important than SERPs. They provide order where otherwise chaos would reign. Think of a large library without any signage, sections or labels. That is the internet without SERPs.

Naturally, the first page of a SERP is prized real estate. More than 75% of users never progress past the first page of Google search results. Moreover, competition for the first few spaces is often fierce, requiring a skilful mix of on-page SEO mastery and off-page SEO expertise. In short, an SEO specialist is required if you want to do this well.

How can I get to the top of Google?

Prior to 1993, the internet was indexed manually, only for the creation of search engines to automate the process. Yahoo! launched in 1995, followed by Ask Jeeves in 1996 and Google in 1998. The ensuing decades have been defined by this ultimate question, as bloggers and business owners search endlessly for SEO tips.

There is no easy solution to improving organic search rankings. SEO takes time. Finding great blog ideas and writing content is not enough. Effective SEO requires vision, strategy, dedication, consistency and patience. The meaning of SEO is often confused with content marketing more broadly, when in fact it is a technical discipline with various moving parts.

In short, hiring a dedicated SEO agency or freelance professional is the best way to boost your search engine optimisation efforts. They are intimately familiar with search engine algorithms, which hold the key to increased click-through rate, providing immense value to your project.

What is the Google Algorithm and why does it matter?

Returning to our earlier library analogy, the SERP provides a framework for organising webpages, but there still needs to be a process behind such categorisation. That is where search engine algorithms come into play.

Beyond the rather ominous name, algorithms essentially rank all webpages based on their quality, utility and importance to a specific keyword, phrase, topic or niche. If Google is a warehouse of information, its algorithm is the assembly line, picking and packing content into an order that makes sense.

Google delivers search results through a four-stage process:

  1. Crawling

Web crawlers, bots or spiders scan billions of web pages, gathering information on the content and Meta data therein. That information is later used to value each web page.

  1. Indexing

Google then stores and organises each piece of information, gaining a greater appreciation of what it means and how it may potentially add value to web users.

  1. Ranking

The indexed information collected through crawling is then parsed, analysed and fed through the Google algorithm, which values different elements that indicate valuable content. The algorithm essentially creates an order of quality behind innumerable potential search engine queries.

  1. Keyword optimisation

When somebody types a query into Google, the search engine assesses the query keywords then dives into its ranking of indexed web pages to deliver a SERP of most relevance, quality and utility.

Here, we see the importance of Google’s algorithm in making or breaking content marketing campaigns. The algorithm is a kingmaker in the world of SEO, ecommerce and beyond. But what does the algorithm look like, and what content features does it consider to be indicative of value?

An entire industry has been spawned off the back of those questions, and each SEO company has its own interpretation of what constitutes valuable content from a Google standpoint.

Various factors must be considered, including but not limited to:

  • Domain age
  • Website name
  • SEO keywords
  • Website speed
  • Design responsiveness
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Content quality
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Unique added value
  • Meaningful meta tags
  • Ease of navigation
  • Clarity of website structure

The Google algorithm enjoys an almost mystical reputation. Google itself issues regular guidance encompassing several hundred pages of information and advice regarding its quality-measuring processes. A holistic approach is needed when seeking SEO services, and only a dedicated guru can piece together the strategy you need to be successful.

The core techniques of SEO

Every business is different, making each SEO campaign a challenging proposition. However, in general terms, there are a few core techniques of search engine optimisation that could benefit your business. I focus on white hat SEO, or tactics that fall within Google’s guidelines, as opposed to black hat SEO, which often involves more disruptive manipulation of content.

SEO audits

Firstly, anybody who owns or manages a website should sanction a full SEO audit of all content contained therein. An SEO audit is the process of mining and evaluating every URL associated with a particular website and earmarking actionable tweaks to optimise each web page for search engine crawling, indexing and ranking.

SEO landing pages

Once you have actioned the recommendations of your audit, creating targeted SEO landing pages is a great place to start when optimising content for your website. Landing pages are standalone web pages that introduce a specific product or service. Optimising landing pages for search engines, tailored to specific customer demographics, backed by SEO keyword research, can make a dramatic difference to your digital marketing efforts. 

Evergreen content

I could talk all night about the benefits of blogging and creative writing for any business. I’m particularly passionate about evergreen content, which is content that never loses value or pertinence. Optimised for search engines, evergreen content is permanently relevant, creating enormous opportunities to capitalise on search volume, driving traffic around the clock. 

Link building

Google values content with obvious benefits to the reader, derived from sources it can trust. Gaining that trust can be a long-term process, and many SEO influencers take radically different approaches to achieve the same end. However, generating a wealth of backlinks – where another website or blog shares your work via hyperlinking - from quality websites is one way of quantifying trustworthiness. Reaching out to develop a sense of community can do wonders for your brand voice, but it also has practical SEO benefits that should be actively pursued.

What SEO services do I offer?

With considerable cross-sector, pan-industry experience, I provide a range of SEO services for sole traders, small businesses and international firms alike. My SEO expertise includes:

SEO strategy services

  • Long-term SEO growth plans
  • Monitoring of SEO metrics using tools like Google Analytics and SEO spiders such as SEMrush
  • Recommendations on conversion rate optimisation and content idea generation

Technical SEO services

  • Maintaining traffic during website migration
  • Expertise in 301 redirects
  • Website structure review and guidance

SEO content writing services

  • Website population and refreshment
  • Regular SEO blogging to increase traffic
  • Optimising brand voice and messaging

SEO landing pages services

  • Creation of SEO landing pages targeted to specific services, regions and markets
  • Lead generation through SEO landing pages
  • Maintenance and expansion of SEO landing pages, ensuring accuracy and efficiency

SEO audits

  • Full review of all web pages, earmarking improvements for SEO purposes
  • Recommending and implementing improvement measures
  • Use of tools such as Screaming Frog to conduct competitor analysis, identifying areas of deficiency and possible expansion

SEO keyword research

  • Use of tools such as Quora and Buzzsumo for effective SEO keyword targeting
  • Innovative understanding of long-tail keywords and SEO semantics
  • Identifying market inefficiencies that can be exploited for growth and consolidation of business

SEO backlink outreach

  • Proven promotion techniques using social media and email marketing
  • Developing a sense of community among readership
  • Networking to aid brand awareness and stimulate interest

My SEO experience

As a professional journalist, my work has been published by The Guardian, BBC Sport, Liverpool Echo, Montreal Gazette, FanSided, These Football Times and many other outlets. I have also been featured by and The New York Post.

Using those connections and leveraging that experience, I have specialised in SEO for business, helping a wide range of clients reach their full potential in the digital space. My SEO clients include:

  • Digital marketing agencies and their clients
  • Charity organisations
  • Sole traders
  • Environmental companies
  • Asbestos removal firms
  • Sports blogs

I have also launched a number of digital enterprises, such as Planet Prentonia, a leading Tranmere Rovers blog. These projects have performed excellently through a prism of SEO, dominating their respective keyword niches.

Learning about SEO is one of my greatest passions, and I have completed a number of additional courses and qualifications in the subject. I’m a HubSpot certified SEO practitioner, and I yearn to develop a strong legacy in the field.

Why you should hire me for SEO success

While the benefits of SEO can be emphatic, dedicating time and energy to the process can be difficult for busy sole traders and larger companies alike. The advantages of hiring a proven expert rather than dabbling weakly in SEO can totally transform your digital footprint, leading to fantastic opportunities for growth.

Some people wince when contemplating SEO, anxiously grappling with definitions and acronyms without much confidence. By contrast, I’m incredibly passionate about SEO, and it is something I do for enjoyment regardless of professional traction or success.

Deep SEO inquisitiveness allows me to stay abreast of industry changes, with particular focus on the Google Algorithm, which changes more than 3,000 times per year. For these reasons alone, SEO takes tremendous patience and dedication. It is difficult for somebody to dip in and out of SEO without missing key trends. Likewise, those who focus on SEO as part of a broader service offering tend to dilute their techniques, delivering the headline measures without delving deeper into winning strategies.

I adhere to a fearless brand of SEO while operating within Google guidelines. My approach is ethical and fuelled by hard work. There are no quick fixes in the world of white hat SEO, and I’m prepared to build the innovative content marketing pipelines that underpin success in the modern landscape.

Such is the changeable nature of SEO, controlled experimentation is required to master techniques and deliver transformative change. I have a number of personal blogs, websites and digital enterprises that form an ideal breeding ground for new ideas. Rather than attempting risky tactics on client websites, I have developed my own training arena to refine the SEO skills that are essential to high performance.


  • “Ryan has been fantastic helping my business with SEO. His knowledge is great, and he explains difficult subjects in a way that is easy to understand. I would recommend Ryan’s services to any small business looking to grow their online presence.” – Kimberley Boyd, Owner, Sweeny Todd’z Barber Shop

  • "Ryan's services have been vital in optimising our website for Google search. His understanding of the asbestos industry is hard to beat among content writers, and we have achieved particular success with landing pages written by Ryan." - Tom Yates, Director, Greenfield Removals


I’m based in Liverpool’s thriving Baltic Triangle, working across the North West. With roots in Wirral, I have a strong understanding of the local business space, working with many clients in Birkenhead, Wallasey, West Kirby, New Brighton, Hoylake, Bromborough and beyond.

My professional network encompasses Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port and North Wales. I also have a number of SEO clients in Manchester and surrounding areas, broadening my horizons.  

The growth of gig economy working blurs the importance of geography. In particular, SEO is not constrained to specific locations. Search engines exist on the internet, accessible around the world. As such, I work independently for organisations in many different countries, developing a self-sustainable grasp of many emerging markets.

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If you are searching for SEO services, or if you would like to learn more about improving your search engine performance, I’m always keen to discuss one of my strongest skills. Regardless of your SEO knowledge level, from merely understanding the definition to deep pages-per-session analysis, I can help you build a roadmap for success. Let’s have a chat and turbocharge your business with the power of SEO.

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