Cover Letter Template and Guidance

Cover Letter Template and Guidance

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We've all been there: you find a great job to apply for, but the deadline is in a few hours and the employer requires a cover letter with each application. The dread is real.

Well, I've got you covered.

For just £2.99, a cover letter template and accompanying guidance will be emailed to you immediately once payment is received. You will just need to make a few tweaks, probably taking ten to fifteen minutes, and that dream job could be yours.

At various times within my corporate career, I have been responsible for recruitment and human resource operations at large companies. I have crafted job descriptions; posted vacancy adverts; interviewed candidates; and reviewed hundreds of applications.

This gives me a tremendous foundation from which to dispense career advice, guidance and draft documentation.

My cover letter template takes the monotony out of your job application process, allowing you to get more done and achieve your goals.

Let's land that crucial interview. Together, we can do this.