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Planet Prentonia tote bag

Planet Prentonia tote bag

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Sick of looking like Roy Cropper on the way to Lidl? Tired of your programme getting wrecked at the match? Want something quirky to carry all that random tupawear you haul to work? We've got you covered.

The Planet Prentonia tote bag is your new versatile friend. Equally capable of carrying fruit from the shop, books from the library or cans from the offy, you'll never find yourself weighed down with random objects again.

If you have kids, this bag is a gift from heaven. Never again will you have to devise a paradigm to carry a bottle, coat, dummie, nappies and that half-eaten bag of Wotsits simultaneuously while ensuring young Bruno doesn't run onto the field of play. We've got you covered. Lash it all in the tote.

Soon to take the peninsula by storm, the Planet Prentonia bag also helps in the fight against single-use plastic. Kind of. Well not really, but okay. Think of the sea turtles, will you? Save the world while looking smart. Brought to you in collaboration with Lux et Robur.

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