About Ryan Ferguson

I'm Ryan Ferguson, a writer, author, blogger and journalist from Wirral, England.

Ryan Ferguson writer, author, blogger, journalist
My journalism has been published by the Guardian, BBC Sport, Liverpool Echo, These Football Times and Montreal Gazette, among other publications.

I have also been featured by MLB.com, Optimal Living Daily and The New York Post, while earning citations from Wikipedia, CBS Sports, The Athletic, Wirral Globe and Wirral Council.

I’m the published author of three books, including Planet Prentonia: The Real Story of Tranmere Rovers, and Meltdown: Why the World is Wounded, and How We Can Save Our Mental Health.

I’m the founder of Planet Prentonia, a blog dedicated to Tranmere Rovers that gained over 4,000 followers at its peak.

Why I write

I love the written word – in all forms and for all audiences. Writing is my greatest passion, and its therapeutic joy permeates the work I produce.

In this complicated age of internalised capitalism and hyper hustle, we feel obliged to monetise everything – especially our hobbies. I see things differently, though. I adhere to a different model where content from the heart wins over content optimised for profit.

I now write purely for pleasure, rather like the amateur fisherman who spends a day at the pond simply because he enjoys it, and I do not reverse-engineer the creative process to make money from clickbait. Rather, I simply love the creative process of waking up each morning and writing stories. 

As a contemplative introvert, writing is my outlet to a healthy mind and fulfilled ambition. I spend hours in blissful happiness, writing without expectation, pressure or external influence. If people derive joy, education or enlightenment from my work, that is a happy coincidence. And if they do not? Well, I continue writing regardless.

What I write

I’m fully independent, and my work is not beholden to censure from conflicted third parties. I pursue the projects from which others shy away, mining unconventional spaces for quirky, forgotten, untold and hard-hitting stories.

I share unorthodox stories that further free speech, enhance education and challenge misconceptions. I yearn to give voice to the voiceless while supporting the democratisation of creativity.

I write about a wide range of diverse topics, most notably baseballfootballmental health, and Wirral. I’m perhaps best known for my work covering Tranmere Rovers, sharing original, authentic and previously unexplored tales from the club’s history.

I write whatever is on my mind, whenever the creative muse visits, and my output is reminiscent of 2000s blogging – witty streams of consciousness mixed with passionate features and columns.

Where I write

I now write purely for passion, publishing exclusively to ryanferguson.co.uk. Ultimately, I strive to create a legacy that will outlast my physical contribution to the world. I want to create things by which people can remember me once I’m gone, and this website is central to that mission. It serves as the central ecosystem of my ideas, my work and my writing.

I no longer participate in the social media attention economy, which has negatively transformed writing – and other forms of content creation – into a pay-to-play hellscape. I loathe the plutocratic algorithms that govern social media promotion, and so I focus solely on developing my own platform here rather than enriching big tech billionaires who give very little back. 

How you can follow my writing

I want people to stumble upon my work while researching a topic that interests them. I want people to learn something new from my exploration. I want people to enjoy my writing style and take those pearls of wisdom out into the community, sharing them with others in a bright future that prizes respectful debate.

In the absence of social media promotion, the best way to stay updated on my work is by subscribing to my free email newsletter.

Subscribers receive links to my writing whenever new posts are published – no spammy marketing, no tailored advertising, no bullshit. If you would like to keep up-to-date with my writing, please consider subscribing for free.

Thank you for your continued support. 

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