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About Ryan Ferguson

I’m Ryan Ferguson, a writer, author, blogger and journalist. Here, you will find more information about my career, passions and skills, gaining a wider understanding of my work and its wider significance.


We are all born with at least one incredible gift, and writing is mine. I simply love writing, in all forms and for all audiences. Through years of repetition, refinement and improvement, I have developed a mastery of voice that allows me to tackle any subject with sensitivity, vision and confidence.

Writing is my greatest passion, and it is something I could not live without. I write for pleasure every single day, and that joy permeates the work I publish, regardless of revenue or publishing title.

I no longer pursue monetisation with aggressive zeal. Instead, I see writing as an intrinsic good, rather like the fisherman who spends a day at the pond simply because he enjoys it. If people derive education or enlightenment from my work, then that is a happy coincidence. I will continue to publish no matter what.


In August 2019, I published my first book, a narrative history of Tranmere Rovers that is available now in paperback and Kindle formats through Amazon.

Planet Prentonia: The Real Story of Tranmere Rovers is a critically acclaimed masterpiece that has gained rave reviews among football fans. I’m immensely proud of the project, which took years to finish.

My second book, published in the summer of 2020, is entitled Conflict: The Yankees, the Red Sox and the War for my Heart. It tells the story of my battle to find natural fandom as a British fan of Major League Baseball, alternating affiliations between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, sworn enemies of polar opposite constitution.

I do not write books as commercial campaigns, expecting to earn royalties. I do not begin with a profitable topic and reverse-engineer the creative process, hoping to make money from a vacuous subject devoid of substance.

Instead, I simply love the creative process of waking up each morning and writing stories. I can spend hours in blissful happiness just writing without expectation, pressure or external influence. Books are a proud product of that passion.

You can learn more about my published books here.


For many years, I have maintained personal and professional blogs, deriving great pleasure from researching, writing and publishing stories. I have been fortunate to attract a large following on social media, with a community of readers enjoying my work.

In 2015, I launched Planet Prentonia, a digital enterprise devoted to fanzine-style coverage of Tranmere Rovers. That project has grown exponentially, gaining more than 4,000 social media followers and spawning various arms, including a blog, merchandise, YouTube channel and more.

You can read my various blogs here: Planet Prentonia, mental health, baseball, football, culture, sports, Wirralist.


My journalism has been published by the Guardian, BBC Sport, Liverpool Echo, These Football Times and Montreal Gazette, among other publications, reaching a social media audience of more than 15 million. 

I have been featured by, FanSided and SABR, and profiled by the New York Post and Wirral Globe, adding tremendous diversity to my journalism portfolio.

As a radio guest, I have also appeared on talkSPORTBBC Radio Merseyside and Radio City Talk. Meanwhile, appearances on podcasts such as This is Tranmere and PAPYRUS HOPECAST have burnished my reputation.

You can access my full journalism archives here: writing, radio, podcasts, ghostwriting, YouTube.


Within the above disciplines, I have a diverse range of specialisms, tethered to strong skills, including:

  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Journalism
  • Mental health campaigning
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Bid writing
  • Social media management
  • Brand strategy
  • Pay-per-click
  • Podcasting
  • Motivational speaking
  • Business development


I have a voracious drive to fulfil my potential, making essential sacrifices that enhance my performance at work. I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I’m a passionate anti-drugs advocate and mental health campaigner with a modern, inclusive worldview that encourages diversity.

I have developed a meticulous methodology that enables me to focus longer and work harder than most of my contemporaries. I adhere to the philosophy of minimalism, which manifests itself in precise organisation, versatile task management and razor-sharp attentiveness.

I have no delusions of grandeur. I believe we must prove our skills afresh every day. With humility, rectitude and respectful confidence, I have exceptional determination to reach the top, making proud all of the teachers, mentors and role models who have moulded my development to this point.

My approach is not centred on profit. Indeed, I eschew much of the traditional infrastructure imposed upon society by capitalism. I’m an introverted philosophical strategist with a socialist ethos of passion over profit, creativity over monetisation and enjoyment over pressure. The artistic fields of writing and ideological progress are pivotal to my work, and I pursue them with boundless commitment.

Mission statement

Please see my mission statement for further details on projects, outlooks, objectives and approaches.

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